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Changes to your electricity bill in Energía XXI

A new regulation is changing electricity access tariffs. Here is how it's going to affect your Energía XXI electricity bill in 2021.

What are these changes?

Access tariffs have always been part of your electricity bill. They can currently account for more than 40% of what you end up paying in your bill. This item is regulated by the government.

Until now tariffs had a single price for the energy consumed, regardless of the time of day, unless a time-of-use access tariff had been arranged (with 2 or 3 time slots).

In contracted power, tariffs were priced the same for all times of the day regardless of whether it was peak or off-peak.

With the new regulation: Regulated access tariffs and charges will have 2 time slots with different prices for power and 3 slots for consumption.

Changes to access tariffs stem from an attempt to promote energy efficiency. Specifically, they involve the following:

  • High-power installations and peak-hour consumption are penalised.
  • Consumption is encouraged in off-peak hours.

What does it mean that you can arrange two different powers?

The contracted power is measured in kW and is the maximum electricity power that you can have at any given time. In everyday terms, it's the maximum number of gadgets you can have running at once.

Until now, the rule only allowed you to have a single power. Therefore, each user was forced to arrange a contracted power that met their maximum needs, even if they were concentrated in a very specific time slot.

With the new regulation, you can have a higher power and another lower power based on you needs and consumer profile.

Will your Energía XXI electricity tariff change in 2021?

Since this mandatory change was announced, Energía XXI has been working to adapt all its tariffs to these changes.

In the energy you use: we will adapt your current conditions to these regulated changes, always looking for the best option for your consumer profile. We adapt to you.

In the power you have contracted: by default, you will keep the same contracted power for all times, but you can choose to have two different powers, one for daytime and one for nights and weekends.

Are you going to pay more or less in your Energía XXI electricity bill?

As these government-regulated costs are aimed at acting as an incentive for more optimal energy consumption, the answer to this question will depend on how efficient you become in your energy consumption.

This reform may increase or reduce your bill depending on your consumer profile and power optimisation.

For this reason, from now on, what you need is a tariff that fits your lifestyle and optimised power.

At Energía XXI, we provide you with both so that your electricity bill can change for the better in 2021.

In any case, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service: