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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

User Registration

Enjoy these advantages by registering with us:
You will be able to find out more about your invoice, control and limit your consumption and activate your digital invoice.

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The advantages of E-billing

Do you know what the 5 main advantages of becoming a digital customer are?

  • 1. You’ll know more about your invoice, and you’ll know it sooner: all of the information long before the bank charges you. As soon as your invoice is ready, we send you an email that details about how you consumed electricity in the last month and how much it is going to cost.
  • 2. Your electrical consumption instantaneously: waiting one to two months to find out this information is over. You’ll have all the details whenever you want. All of the oscillations, all of the graphics, each hour of each day.
  • 3. Alerts in case you exceed a limit: you’ll be able to configure the alerts that you want, setting consumption ceilings and receiving an alert via mail or cell phone when you're about to cross over the line.
  • 4. Wide range of savings and efficiency tools: you’ll know which home appliances are inflating your bill. We’ll tell you if you are an efficient or wasteful consumer (and what to do to improve), you’ll be able to activate different savings levers in order to pay less...
  • Smart energy reaches your smartphone, from which you’ll be able to consult all data and manage your account.

Legal conditions of E-billing


These General Terms and Conditions shall govern the contractual relationship between ENDESA, with registered address in Madrid, Calle Ribera del Loira 60 and My Endesa customers that register with the Electronic Billing service. The fulfilment by users of each step of the electronic billing registration process entails their express, full and unreserved adherence to all these General Terms and Conditions for registration with the Electronic Billing service.


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to enable My Endesa customers to use the ENDESACLIENTES Electronic Billing Service. Registration with this service means that once the registration enters into force, the customer will no longer receive his/her bill in printed format by regular mail, as established in the following clauses.


2.1. Registration with the ENDESACLIENTES Electronic Billing service shall be voluntary and free of charge for the customer. The customer may withdraw from their request at any point and return to the normal printed billing format, by informing ENDESA via My Endesa.

2.2. Bills issued by ENDESA for the different services provided shall be uploaded to the ENDESACLIENTES website in XML and PDF format. Customers will be able to view the bills online and these will appear in exactly the same format as the printed bills sent to their address (PDF format).

2.3. When customers register with this service, they will no longer receive printed bills sent by regular post to their address.

2.4. This service not only enables the itemised bill to be viewed on the screen, customers can also download the bill to their computers. An electronic bill obtained in this manner is based on the use of a digital signature system that enables the authenticity of its origin and the integrity of the content to be guaranteed, pursuant to the terms set forth in ORDER EHA/962/2007 (Official State Gazette of 14 April 2007).

ENDESA has obtained a recognised electronic certificate issued by the ANCERT, which authorises the incorporation of advanced electronic signatures on its bills.

2.5. The ENDESACLIENTES Electronic Billing Service shall be implemented via an email sent to registered customers informing them that their bills for the different services they have contracted are available and can be viewed at ENDESACLIENTES via My Endesa.

2.6. In any event, the service user shall be responsible for informing ENDESA of any changes to the email address via which they would like to receive notifications. If users do not receive the notification as a result of an invalid email address given to ENDESA or for any other reason, this shall not mean they can no longer benefit from the Electronic Billing service once they have registered with the service and not cancelled their request at any later date.


3.1. Registration with this service shall be via My Endesa (, where, once users have authenticated themselves with their username and personal and secret password, this Electronic Billing service may be contracted pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions.

3.2. If users have various contracts or they have contracted a number of services provided by ENDESA that generate different bills, this registration with the Electronic Billing service shall be applied to all the contracts selected by the customer and which use the same Tax Identification details. This registration shall only affect the part of the bill that was issued and sent to the customer in printed format.


4.1. It shall be understood that the user agrees to the registration of the ENDESACLIENTES Electronic Billing service from the moment the user successfully completes and sends their acceptance with the form on this website. Henceforth, the user accepts and fully adheres to all the General Terms and Conditions outlined in this text.


5.1. The commitments acquired by ENDESA in the relationship established with customers registering with the ENDESACLIENTES Electronic Billing system are as follows:

5.1.a). ENDESA shall implement a service via ENDESACLIENTES for sending emails to the email addresses provided by users that are registered with the service. Users of this service will receive a message in their inbox informing them that their itemised bills are now available at My Endesa "" and, if applicable, can now be printed at home.

5.1.b). If the computer system detects that a sent email has not been received correctly, this email will be resent. In any event, the possibility of viewing Electronic Bills at My Endesa via the "" website is not dependent upon the notification message being sent and received, as this is purely for informational purposes, and customers are responsible for duly updating their email address.

5.2. ENDESA guarantees the security and confidentiality of this notification since:

5.2.a). The notification sent via email will not include any information concerning your bill, except the date of issue and the reference number for your contract and the amount.

5.2.b). When customers access My Endesa at to view their bills, they will only be asked to authenticate themselves via the validation of their username and password, which shall be unique for each customer and given to users in a confidential manner.

5.2.c). Furthermore, customers may, at any given time, change their access password via the change password feature offered by My Endesa.


6.1. The commitments acquired by customers when registering with the ENDESACLIENTES Electronic Billing system are as follows:

6.1.a). To correctly, honestly and accurately complete all the fields in the application forms pursuant to the instructions provided in this regard by My Endesa at

6.1.b). To promptly communicate any changes to the email address or addresses provided for notifications via the procedures established by My Endesa at

6.1.c). To complete all the fields on the form unless stated otherwise. Failure to do this shall mean that ENDESA shall not guarantee the provision of all the services offered via My Endesa, in particular the commitment to send the notification to the email address if this address is not provided correctly.


7.1. The customer guarantees and shall be responsible, in any event, for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided via the ENDESACLIENTES application forms.


8.1. Pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LO15/1999), the customer is hereby informed and gives consent for his/her personal data to be processed as a result of contracting this service, in accordance with the terms and conditions established in the Legal Notice section.


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Por favor, introduce tu cuenta bancaria o indica que el contrato no está domiciliado (EN)