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Declaration of responsibility

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Declaration of responsibility certifying compliance with the established conditions and requirements, including the requirements to be up to date with payment, and, if appropriate, to have individual meters or cost allocators
Energy Efficiency Inspection Report (with positive result)
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Energy efficiency inspection report with positive result (inspection regulated in Article 31 of RD 1027/2007)

Optional documentation:
If you do not have meters:
Agreement of the Board of Homeowners for installation of meters or cost allocators

Deadline to provide it: 30/09/2023

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Agreement of the Board of Homeowners under which the installation of the aforementioned meters or cost allocators has been approved before September 30, 2023
Technical Infeasibility Report

My community is exempt

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If the community is exempt from installing meters or cost allocators due to technical infeasibility, the Technical Infeasibility Report, issued in the terms provided in Article 4 of RD 736/2020, must be presented.
Last bill
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Authorisation from the General Directorate for Energy Policy and Mines

Applies only to RL9, RL10 and RL11

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In the case of consumers with tariff group RL.9 to RL.11: Authorisation issued by the DGPEM certifying that the supply of natural gas is intended exclusively for heating and domestic hot water uses of residential homes.

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