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PVPC Regulated Tariff

What is the PVPC regulated tariff?

The PVPC regulated tariff (or Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer) is the electricity tariff regulated by the government which determines the price of electricity for all consumers in the regulated market. This price changes from hour to hour in accordance with developments on the electricity market, so it will never be the same on your invoices and it is not possible to know it in advance.

Who can contract the PVPC Tariff?

Consumers connected at low voltage and with a contracted power equal to or less than 10kW, and from 1 January 2024, only if they are natural persons or micro-enterprises.

The PVPC Tariff can only be contracted with one of the reference retailers authorised by the Government.

See terms and conditions for contracting PVPC with EXXI

How does the PVPC tariff work?

The PVPC tariff is a tariff with variable prices according to time bands, i.e. the kWh price changes each hour of every day. Since its price is subject to the existing supply and demand between the energy generating companies and the retailers that sell this energy to the consumer.

It can only be contracted by homes with a power equal to or less than 10kW and is only offered by reference retailers authorised by the Ministry of Industry.

To access the Social Bonus it is necessary to have contracted the PVPC tariff.

How is the price for the PVPC Tariff established?

The price for the PVPC is calculated in accordance with the provisions of RD 216/2014 and can be viewed on the REE website. It includes the following concepts:

Contracted power

  • Peak hours (the least economical): From 8am to 12 midnight.
  • Flat hours (the cheapest): From 12 midnight to 8am, as well as 24 hours a day during weekends and on national public holidays.

Energy consumed

  • The cost of energy, which varies from hour to hour as it depends on the price of energy in the daily energy market. From 1 January 2024, the cost of energy will also depend on the price of energy in forward markets.
  • Network access tariffs and regulated charges, which correspond to the cost of the transmission and distribution networks and the cost of regulated charges established by the Government. The toll prices and charges that apply to the PVPC (toll 2.0TD and charge segment 1) are defined for the following time bands:
    • Peak hours (the least economical): Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and 6pm to 10pm.
    • Standard hours (moderately priced): Monday to Friday from 8am to 10am, 2pm to 6pm and 10 pm to 12 midnight.
    • Flat hours (the cheapest): From 12 midnight to 8am, as well as 24 hours a day during weekends and on national public holidays.
  • Regulated marketing costs, including "Financing of the Social Bonus" which is invoiced on a separate line.

Contract the PVPC regulated rate



Clients with Social Rate

The Social Bonus represents a discount of 65% or 80% on the PVPC and is available for supply in the main residence of domestic consumers (natural persons) who have contracted the PVPC and meet the established requirements.

What are regulated prices?

The prices of the regulated tariff for customers with a contract with a reference retailer are reflected in Royal Decree 216/2014 dated 28 March. 

Voluntary Price for the Small Consumers (PVPC)

This price is calculated daily by the Spanish Electricity Grid (Red Eléctrica de España – REE) depending on:

  • The cost of energy: the price for producing electricity.
  • Access tariffs: set by the Government for the transmission of energy and the charges associated with the maintenance of the electricity grid.
  • Taxes: the Special Tax on Electricity (IEE in Spanish) and VAT.

The price of electricity can vary every hour, depending on how the electricity market evolves, meaning that it will never be the same on your bill and it is impossible to know beforehand. REE publishes the average consumer profile on its website: Red Eléctrica Española.

General conditions

PVPC tariff for communities of neighbours

The supply points corresponding to the common elements of a community of residents may benefit from the voluntary price for small consumers (PVPC) when they contract with a reference retailer and are connected to voltages not exceeding 1 kilovolt and their contracted power is less than or equal to 10 kilowatts, without having to provide any additional accreditation.

This requires communities of residents to identify themselves with their corresponding Tax ID, with the letter H (specific for communities of residents under the horizontal property regime) and to act through their legal representative which will be the chairman.

PVPC tariff for micro-enterprises

Under the new legislation micro-enterprises with contracted electrical power of less than 10kW will be able to benefit from and access the regulated tariff (PVPC).

Contract the PVPC regulated rate