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TUR Gas tariff for Communities of Owners

The TUR regulated gas tariff for communities of owners that have a central heating system (RDL 18/2022) has been extended under certain conditions until 30 June 2024 (RDL 8/2023).

Who can benefit?

  • Communities of owners of residential homes, groups of communities or energy service companies that provide services for these communities.
  • Consumption exceeding 50,000 kWh/year (access tariffs RL.4 or higher).

Requirements and conditions from 1 January 2024

The TUR for gas for communities of owners has been extended from 1 January to 30 June 2024 for consumers who meet the following requirements:

  • They have been covered by this tariff at some point between 30 September 2023 and 31 December 2023.
  • They meet one of the following conditions with regard to individual meters for heating or cost allocators, and this has been accredited in accordance with regulatory requirements.

    - Be exempt from the obligation to install these meters (RD 736/2020)

    - Have the meters installed.

    - If they are not exempt and they have not been installed, they should have presented a Sworn Statement before 15 November 2023 alleging technical or administrative difficulties with their installation (Third Additional Provision of Order TED/1072/2023).

If the above requirements have met, what do you need to do to apply for this extension?

  • If by 31 December 2023 the community of owners had contracted the TUR gas tariff for communities of owners: You don't have to do anything, the extension applies automatically from January 1, 2024.
  • However, if by 31 December 2023, the community of owners had already contracted the supply with a retailer on the deregulated market: You may terminate the contract with the retailer (the retailer will not apply any penalty if the termination occurs before 15 January 2024) and take advantage of the extension, for which you should send us the corresponding request.

Individual heat meters or cost allocators

Communities of owners that have submitted a Sworn Statement alleging technical or administrative difficulties for the installation, have until 30 September 2024 to verify the installation of the individual meters for heating or cost allocators. 

For this to be accredited, they should send the corresponding installation certificate to the following e-mail address:, as well as a sworn statement relating to the above-mentioned certificate. If by 30 September 2024 we have not received this documentation, we will proceed to re-invoice all consumption under the tariff with a 25% surcharge on the variable charge for all consumption (Article 2 of RDL 18/2022).

Non-exempt communities of owners who have not verified the installation of the meters and have not submitted a Sworn Statement alleging technical or administrative difficulties for the installation, will be re-invoiced for all consumption under the tariff with a 25% surcharge on the variable term for all consumption (Article 2 of RDL 18/2022).


Prices applicable from 01/01/2024 published in the Resolution of 28 December 2023.

Tariffs and prices (taxes not included)
Fixed term
Variable term
Applied to consumption less than or equal to the historical average Applied to consumption above the historical average
RL.4 50.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 300.000 kWh/year 42,70 4,828987 6,036234
RL.5 300.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 1.500.000 kWh/year 160,39 4,735864 5,919830
RL.6 1.500.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 5.000.000 kWh/year 924,30 4,117060 5,146325
RL.7 5.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 15.000.000 kWh/year 2.845,16 3,713936 4,642420
RL.8 15.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 50.000.000 kWh/year 4.721,48 3,691343 4,614179
RL.9 50.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 150.000.000 kWh/year 8.099,56 3,670169 4,587711
RL.10 150.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 500.000.000 kWh/year 19.759,43 3,661557 4,576946
RL.11 consumption > 50.000.000 kWh/year 149.120,18 3,631670 4,539588

Average Historical Consumption: The average consumption for the last 5 years for the same billing period, or for the available years if the historical data is for less than 5 years.

End of the TUR gas tariff for communities of owners

This extension of the tariff applies until 30 June 2024, at which time the community of owners should contract the supply with a deregulated market supplier. Otherwise, a transitional tariff will be applied which involves a 20% surcharge on the cost of energy (Fourth Additional Provision of Order TED/1286/2020).

You can view the list of deregulated market retailers on the CNMC website

Contract TUR for communities of neighbours

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