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TUR Gas tariff for Communities of Owners

From 19 October 2022, communities of neighbours with a central gas boiler can contract a regulated tariff at very competitive prices. Here is a detailed explanation.

RDL 18/2022 introduces reinforcement measures to protect energy consumers and reduce natural gas consumption. In practice, this translates into a new gas tariff which is especially advantageous for communities of neighbours that have a central boiler.

Who can benefit?

  • Communities of owners of residential homes, groups of communities or energy service companies that provide services for these communities.
  • Consumption exceeding 50,000 kWh/year (access tariffs RL.4 or higher).
  • Until 31 December 2023.

Requirements to be met

  • 1. An annual gas consumption exceeding 50,000 kWh (for the RL.9 tariff or higher, a request for authorisation from the General Directorate for Energy Policy and Mines is required).
  • 2. To be up to date with payments for all economic obligations contracted with the current retailer.
  • 3. To have individual meters or distributors before 30 September 2023. In case of non-compliance, from 1 October 2023 a penalty of 25% on the variable term will be applicable to all affected consumption, unless there is an exemption due to technical infeasibility in accordance with RD 736/2020.
  • 4. To have undertaken, within the allotted time, an energy efficiency inspection of the boiler with a positive result.

Who may apply?

  • The president of the community.
  • A representative of the community authorised to use the digital certificate corresponding to the community of owners.
  • The person responsible in the energy service company that provides services to the community.

Documentation required

  • Sworn statement certifying compliance with the conditions and requirements.
  • Information with regard to the installation of individual meters or cost allocators:
    • If they have been installed, this should be included in the sworn statement presented by the applicant.
    • Otherwise, an agreement of the Board of owners confirming approval for the installation of the above-mentioned meters or cost allocators before 30 September 2023 or, failing that, a report verifying that their installation would be technically infeasible.
  • Energy efficiency inspection report with positive result.
  • Authorisation from the General Directorate for Energy Policy and Mines (RL.9 or higher only).

Which retailer should I contact?

Requests for the new last resort tariff should be addressed to the Last Resort Retailer (LRR) and in the following order:

  • a) Firstly, they should be addressed to the LRR that belongs to the business group of the retailer that is currently supplying you,
  • b) Failing that, to the LRR of the business group of the distributor that owns the network to which you are connected,
  • c) Lastly, to the LRR with the largest market share in the autonomous community in which the community of owners is located.

Tariffs and prices

Tariffs and prices (taxes not included)
Fixed term
Variable term
Applied to consumption less than or equal to the historical average Applied to consumption above the historical average
RL.4 50.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 300.000 kWh/year 58,48 8,065242 10,081553
RL.5 300.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 1.500.000 kWh/year 164,82 7,969678 9,962098
RL.6 1.500.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 5.000.000 kWh/year 1.143,93 7,274916 9,093645
RL.7 5.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 15.000.000 kWh/year 3.189,46 6,939025 8,673781
RL.8 15.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 50.000.000 kWh/year 6.937,62 6,912603 8,640754
RL.9 50.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 150.000.000 kWh/year 10.990,99 6,894381 8,617977
RL.10 150.000.000 kWh/year < consumption ≤ 500.000.000 kWh/year 27.292,74 6,886586 8,608233
RL.11 consumption > 50.000.000 kWh/year 258.779,70 6,857229 8,571536

Historical average: Average of the last 5 years of the same billing period.

If it is not a case of duly accredited technical infeasibility and the installation certificate for individual heating metres/cost allocators is not sent to the CUR before 1 October 2023, the variable term applied will be increased by 25% for all consumption and from the time this tariff began to be applied.

Contract TUR for communities of neighbours

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