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What is Energía XXI?

Energía XXI is the Endesa brand for the regulated market

Endesa has a new brand for the regulated market: Energía XXI. This new company will offer regulated rates to electricity and gas customers.

This change will not affect customer contracts or their conditions. If you are in the open market, you will not notice any changes. If you are in the regulated market, from now on your invoices will bear the new brand’s name, logo and company name: Energía XXI Comercializadora de Referencia, SLU.

You can still contact your energy retailer via the existing channels. However, Energía XXI has a new website ( ) that contains information and advice, as well as a Private Customer Area and a mobile app. You can use both to consult and manage your regulated market contracts.

Here’s a reminder of the main Energía XXI Customer Service Channels:

Energía XXI

If you have any questions about the new look for regulated suppliers, the following post shows  how each of the brands have changed.