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Cookies on Energía XXI

Use of cookies on Energía XXI websites

Energía XXI web sites use proprietary and third party cookies to improve user experience and to offer the best services.

If you navigate our websites, you will be accepting the use of cookies under the conditions established in this Cookies Policy. This policy is subject to update, so we invite you to review it regularly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the cookies marked as our own are indispensable to normal site navigation.

In the following link you can modify your previous cookie settings

What are cookies?

These are small data files that the internet server sends to, and which are stored by, the device that you use to connect to our website. They are associated only with your browsers and do not on their own provide personal data. Cookies will not damage your device and are also very useful, since they help us to identify and fix errors.

If you want more information about how they work, we invite you to visit and

Why does Energía XXI use cookies?

At Energía XXI we use cookies in our portals to:

  • Ensure that web pages function correctly.
  • Store your preferences, such as the language you've selected or the size of the font.
  • Learn about your navigation experience and present you with personalized content.
  • Gather anonymous statistical information, such as which pages you have seen or how much time you have spent on our areas.

What types of cookies do our websites use?

Below, there is a list which classifies the types of cookies used on the Energía XXI website and its domains, taking into account that any cookie may be included in more than one category.

Depending on the entity to which the website from which the cookies are sent belongs and which processes the data obtained, we can distinguish between:

  • Proprietary cookies: these are sent from the website the user is accessing and from the website providing the service the user is requesting.
  • Third-party cookies: these are sent from a different domain than the one the user is accessing and are managed by a collaborating entity.

Depending on the purpose for data collection, we can distinguish between:

  • Technical cookies: These are cookies of a technical nature that help make websites usable. They activate basic functions such as browsing the website and accessing secure areas on the website. These cookies are necessary because without them the website cannot function properly and they do not require consent.
  • Analytical and functional cookies: These are cookies that enable data that is always aggregated and anonymous to be obtained that will later be used to understand how users interact with the website and its services. They enable us to quantify the number of users who have visited the website, analyse the use of a certain service and extract statistics. Thanks to this we can improve our websites, as well as the range of products or services that we offer. They can be proprietary or from third parties.
  • Advertising cookies: They are cookies that enable us to get to know the browsing habits of users, show them advertising related to their browsing profile and effectively manage advertising spaces. The intention is to show relevant advertisements, adapting their content to the requested service as well as the use made by each user. They can be proprietary or from third parties.

How  do I  administer cookies in the browser?

The most popular browsers have options for configuration and security functions that allow you to avoid the installation of cookies and/or other data gathering systems on your device. You can configure your browser to reject cookies, although this may block some functions or limit access to certain content on our website.

You can find the steps to block the cookie installation in the "Help" sections of the web pages for each browser.