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How to pay your Energy XXI bills

If you want to pay a bill, the fastest and easiest way is to use your Customer Area. This is free and secure, and you can do it with any card from any bank.

You can also pay your bills in many other ways, such as using the mobile app. Here are all your options for keeping up to date with your electricity and gas bills with Energía XXI.

How to pay your Energía XXI bill online

To pay your electricity or gas bills through the website, first follow the steps to register in the Energía XXI Customer Area.

1. Log in to your Customer Area

Log into the Energía XXI website from any device and go to the Customer Area. You will find the user icon for this at the top right of the screen.

2. Select My bills

You will find the "My bills" tab in the top menu. Use this section to check if you have any unpaid bills.

3. Click "Pay now"

The "Status" section for each bill shows whether it is paid, pending payment or in arrears. If it has not been paid, you'll see an orange button that you can use to pay your bill online.

4. Select your payment method and click confirm

Clicking "Pay now" displays a window where you can pay your Energía XXI bill online. Select the payment method and click the blue "Confirm payment" button.

Online payment of your Energía XXI electricity and gas bills is completely secure. Confirmation is displayed when you have paid using a valid method.

Pay your Energía XXI bills by direct debit

Paying your bill by direct debit is the simplest way of managing your energy. There is nothing to worry about. Simply provide us with your bank account number and all your bills will be issued, arranged and paid automatically.

Pay bills from your phone

To make things easier for you, you can use our mobile app for all kinds of procedures and queries. These include paying outstanding bills:

1. Download the app and log in with your username and password

The Energía XXI app is available for iPhone and Android. When you open it, it will ask you to log in with the same username and password you use for your Customer Area on the website.

2. Select the "Online payments" option from the menu

This option displays the pending payments on your Energía XXI bills. If there are no outstanding payments, the message "You do not have any unpaid bills" is displayed.

If there is a pending bills, select it and click "Continue".

3. Select a payment method

Use "My payment methods" to select how you want to pay the outstanding bill.

Your usual or favourite payment method is selected by default. You can also select another credit card you have stored in the app or add a new one.

When you have selected how you want to pay, click "Pay", which will tell you exactly how much you are going to pay.

As when you pay bills online using the Energía XXI website, a confirmation message will be displayed.

Other ways to pay your Energía XXI bill

  • Direct debit: the most common and simple way to pay your bill. You give us your account number and each bill will arrive automatically and you won't have to worry about anything else. If you are interested, you can change your direct debit account number.
  • Mobile app: in the Energía XXI app there is a tab where bills pending payment are listed. Access it via Management - Pay pending bills.
  • QR code: a QR code is printed on each paper bill and you can scan it with your mobile to go directly to a page where you can pay that bill.
  • Network of authorised points: Energía XXI aims to make it easier and more comfortable. This means you will now be able to pay your outstanding bills at authorised points and establishments. As simple as when you pay for any of your purchases.

    Currently available at participating tobacconists in more than 4000 locations throughout Spain and you can find the nearest one on the Logista Payments search engine. Look for the identification of an authorised point, where you can your Energía XXI invoice, at the entrance to the establishment.

    Payments seal Payments seal

    *Through this payment mode a commission of €0.70 will be applied.

  • BBVA ATMs (by entering your National ID card (DNI) – you don't need to have the physical bill).
  • Caixa ATMs (you will need the bill).
  • Post Offices: by providing your National ID card (DNI) – you don't need a physical copy of the bill (there is a €1 payment fee).
  • Telephone: by calling 800 76 03 33 and saying you want to pay a bill. You will be asked for the details of the bill you want to pay and of the card you want to use for the payment.
  • Other banks: you can also pay at Santander branches and ATMs, participating Caja Rural branches, Cajamar, Cajasur, Unicaja and Bankinter branches.

How to know how much you'll pay next time

If you activate the digital bill you will know the amount and items for your next bill exactly. And you'll know a week earlier than when the postman bring you your paper bill... and well before the bank charges you.

How to know if your bill has been paid

Just go to your Private Customer area and click "Bills", in the top menu to see all your bills and their status (paid/unpaid). You will have to log in/register if you have not already done so:

Problems paying your bill

If you are having any difficulty paying your bill, refer to the information on the Social Bonus with Energía XXI.