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The gas price cap and the electricity bill in the regulated market

A new measure sets a cap on the price of gas used for generating electricity in Spain and Portugal. Here is how it will affect your Energía XXI electricity bill.


The gas price cap is a measure aimed at containing the dramatic rise in energy prices. It was approved by the Government with a Royal Decree-Law that establishes a cap on the price of gas used to generate electricity.

It is an urgent, temporary measure, which applies from 15 June 2022 and is scheduled to end on 31 May 2023.

The cap on gas prices has a cost

As we have said, the objective of limiting the price of gas used in Spain to produce electricity is to lower the price of electricity, but it is not possible to avoid paying the real price of gas on the market.

It has been decided that the difference between the real price of gas and the "capped price" will be borne by all consumers, who will pay for this in their electricity bill.

How does the gas price cap affect the electricity bill of Energía XXI?

The first thing you should know is that this measure seeks to restrict the price of gas used to generate electricity. It is independent and does not affect the gas you consume in your home.

If you are subject to the PVPC tariff, on the electricity bill you will find the additional extra cost required to finance the difference between the cap and the real price, it will be incorporated into the price per the kilowatt you pay for your consumption.

This price, as indicated by the regulations, is not differentiated, but as with the price of electricity itself, it is very volatile and fluctuates at every hour of the day.

You can check this hourly price OMIE's website, the body responsible for market operations and which publishes all the information in this regard on a daily basis.

Where does this gas cap surcharge appear on my electricity bill?

It will not be differentiated, but included within the "Energy costs" section.