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How to submit electricity and gas readings

If you think your electricity or gas bill does not reflect your actual usage, here is what you have to do to communicate a meter reading.


How do electricity and gas meters work?

Electricity meters in Spain are smart meters, they send all the necessary information to the distributor electronically, so it is easy to know how many kWh of electricity a home consumes at each hour of the day, which means that there are no problems in applying the real price per kWh for the corresponding hours.

Unlike electricity meters, gas meters are not digital so the data cannot be sent remotely. So each distributor has technicians who are responsible for reading the meter in order to be able to invoice their clients.

If for some reason the technician has not been able to access your meter, two things may happen:

  • Invoices are delayed and a single invoice arrives with all the accumulated months to be paid.
  • An estimated invoice is issued so payments are not delayed for months.

What are estimated invoices?

They are calculated based on your consumption history. Sometimes, estimated bills can cause a household's consumption to increase or decrease drastically. These errors are corrected in the medium term, that is, when a technician finally accesses your meter, the actual invoice will make the corresponding adjustments: Any amounts overpaid will be deducted from your bill and if you have paid less, the corresponding amount will be added.

In order to avoid these differences and so as not to receive estimated invoices, you can send the meter reading yourself.

How can a meter reading be notified?

Below, we will explain the steps to follow to easily notify your gas readings from the Client Area and our App.

It is important to send the reading before the end of the billing cycle, otherwise we will not be able to use it.

If the distributor manages to read the meter itself on the scheduled date, the reading provided by the customer will not be used.

What steps should you take to send a reading if you have not yet received the bill?

On the website

  • 1. Access your meter

    You need to access your meter to see the reading or you can also take a photo.

  • 2. Go to your Customer Area

    Go to your Customer Area and then to the Contracts section. Next to the supply address you will find an indicator that will redirect you to the directory of distributors where you can consult the website or you can phone your corresponding gas distributor.

  • 3. Where can I see which is my distributor?

    If you need to find out which is your distributor you will find it on the second page of your invoice, in the Contact Details section.

Or if you prefer, you can use the App

  • 1. Access your meter

    Once you have accessed your meter and taken a photo of the reading, go to the App.

  • 2. Go to the "Readings" section

    On the App you just display the Menu and click on the "Readings" section.

  • 3. Check which is your distributor

    You will be redirected to a directory of distributors where you can consult the website or phone your corresponding gas distributor. You can check which is your distributor on one of your bills.

What steps should you take if you have already received the bill and you would like to change the reading?

If you have received an invoice and you do not agree with the reading used to calculate it, we advise you to wait for the next invoices.

When your reading is updated, the new bills will reflect the correction and if you have been overcharged you will be charged less to compensate for this. The problem will be solved without the need to do anything. This is the most practical solution.

If in spite of this you would still like to register a complaint, please bear in mind that to do this you will need to meet the following requirement:

  • If you receive invoices every month: You need to have received at least three invoices with an estimated reading instead of a real reading.
  • If you receive invoices every two months: You need to have received at least two invoices with an estimated reading instead of a real reading.

If this requirement is not met, and in accordance with the regulations (Provision 18275 of Official State Gazette nº305 of 2019), the distribution company will not respond to the complaint, since there may be specific failures in the communication that will be regularised in the next billing cycle.

Complaints can be registered in the Energía XXI Private Area.