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Avoid power cuts due to medical treatment

Electricity-dependant customers are individuals who require an uninterrupted electricity supply for health reasons. Energía XXI facilitates the process of requesting this status in order to avoid power being cut off.


Electricity-dependent customers are individuals who undergo medical treatments at home for which an uninterrupted electricity supply is essential (dialysis, ventilators, etc.).

These individuals have the right to request that their supply will not be cut off due to non-payment or for exceeding their contracted power.

Necessary documentation for electricity-dependent consumers

  • A medical certificate stamped and signed by a doctor attesting to the need for an uninterrupted power supply.

This certificate is valid for one year from its date of issue. If there is still a need after a year, the certificate must be renewed and presented again.

Who must apply?

  • The holder of the supply point.
  • An authorised person who must present the corresponding authorisation.
  • If the individual affected is not the holder, it must be proved that their usual place of abode is the home for which the application is being made. To do this, one of the following documents must be submitted: a certificate from the local authority or a municipal registration letter or a photocopy of the individual's ID showing their postal address as their home.

How do I apply?

It is very important that you know:

  • It is not possible to 100% guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. If the request is accepted the electricity supply will never be cut off for non-payment, but the supply could be interrupted due to incidents in the power network or for reasons beyond the control of the distribution company. Therefore it is necessary for you to have a back-up generator in your home for emergencies (UPS or power generator) that will provide you with a supply in the event of possible unforeseen outages.
  • This request does not exempt the individual from payment of the debt. Although the electricity supply will not be cut off due to non-payment, the debt will remain outstanding under identical conditions.