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How to pay your bill

How to pay your Energía XXI bill

If you want to pay a bill, the fastest and most convenient way of doing it is from your Customer Area. It's free, secure and you can do it with any card from any bank. You can also pay your bills in many other ways.

How to pay your bill from the Customer Area

If you are registered in Energía XXI's Customer Area, simply follow these steps to pay your bill:

  • Click on "Manage Settings" in the top menu.
  • Click on "Pay outstanding bills".

Other ways to pay your Energía XXI bill

  • Direct debit: the most common and simple way to pay your bill. You give us your account number and each bill will arrive automatically and you won't have to worry about anything else.
  • Mobile app​: look for the Energía XXI app in your app stores. There is a tab with a list of outstanding bills. Access it through Actions - Pay outstanding bills. 
  • QR code: a QR code is printed on each paper bill and you can scan it with your mobile to go directly to a page where you can pay that bill.
  • Telephone: by calling 800 76 03 33 and saying that you want to pay a bill. They will ask you for the details of the bill to be paid and also for the bank card with which the payment is to be made.

How to know how much you will pay next time

If you activate the electronic bill you will know the precise amount of your next bill and the items on it. And you'll find out a week earlier than the postman takes to deliver you the paper bill… and long before the bank charges you for it. 

How to see whether your bill has been paid

To see all your bills and their status (Paid / Pending Payment) go to your Private Customer Area and click on "Bills" in the top menu. If you are not logged in or registered, you will have to log in or register first:

Problems paying your bill

If you have difficulty paying your bill due to financial difficulties, read our information on the Bono Social subsidised rate.