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Energía XXI gas bill

We explain, step by step, all aspects of your gas bill so that you know how to identify the different sections and their costs.

How to understand your regulated market gas bill

We help you understand the different sections you can find within your regulated market gas bill.

Imagen página 1 factura de gas de Energía XXI

1. Company label

This section contains all information regarding your regulated market gas supply company: the Energía XXI logo, the corporate name, the tax code and our registered office.

2. Data from your Energía XXI gas bill

In the following section the basic data of your bill appear: the total amount to be paid and the identification data for the bill, essential if you want to make a query about it.

  • Bill amount: The total in euros.
  • Bill number: Tax identification number.
  • Consumption period: This is the time period to which this bill refers.
  • Charge date/payment deadline: If you have a direct debit set up, this is the date that the payment will come out of your account. If you don't have your gas bill set up on a direct debit, this is the deadline by which you have to make the payment.

If you have any queries about how to pay it, please take a look at all the information on how to pay your bill in Energía XXI.

3. Customer name and address

Shows the personal information (name and address) of the contract holder to whom the bill is issued.

4. PVPC bill summary

Here, you'll find a breakdown of the costs your regulated market gas bill is divided into. On the back of your invoice you can find a more detailed explanation of each of the points.

  • Fixed cost: refers to the fixed term to be paid for the gas you have consumed during the period of time in which the bill is issued.
  • Other: in this section there are other factors that affect the fixed cost of your bill such as therental of the gas meter, which reflects your actual consumption.
  • Taxes: adds the corresponding tax (VAT, IGIC or IPSI depending on where the home or business to which the bill relates is located in Spain).
  • Total: The sum of all the above factors indicates the total amountof the bill.

5. Payment details

Next to the previous section, you can consult all the payment data of your bill with Energía XXI:

  • Payment method, for example, if it is by direct debit.
  • Current account number, if applicable.
  • IBAN, the international code of the bank account.
  • Bank from which the bill is paid.
  • Cod. Mandate, the identification number of the debit. 

6. Gas consumption information

In this section you can check your total gas consumption during the billing period, measured in kW consumed per hour (kWh).

7. Consumption chart

Next to the previous section, we show you a chart with your consumption in the last 14 months billed in Energía XXI. Below this chart, you can find information about the average daily cost of energy during this period.

Imagen página 1 factura de gas de Energía XXI

8. Contract details

This section shows the details about your contract with Energía XXI:

  • Holder, Tax ID No. and supply address: the contract holder's details, as well as the address of the point of supply. If any of the information is not correct, you can contact the Energía XXI Customer Service.

  • Contracted product: the type of regulated market tariff contracted with Energía XXI.

  • Type of gas and the contracted pressure according to pressure unit (bar).

  • Unified point of supply code or CUPS: the unique code that identifies your point of supply. All homes and businesses have a CUPS that identifies them and never changes (even if their landlords and/or tenants do).

  • Meter number: the reference to the meter number for your gas installation.

  • Supply contract reference (Energía XXI): the reference number of the contract you have with us as a regulated market gas company.

  • Your supplier: the distribution company is the company that transports gas to the point of supply (to your home or business). They are divided by territories within Spain and it is different from the company that sells you the energy. You can't choose your distributor, as they are assigned by territory. But you can always choose (and change) the supply company.

  • Access toll: refers to the access tariff for gas on the regulated market. Indicates the type of toll that is applied to your bill according to the pressure of your domestic supply. You can find more information about tolls in Changes to the Gas Bill in 2021.

  • Contract end date: indicates the term of your current contract with Energía XXI. contracts are automatically renewed after one year.

9. Breakdown of the bill

Here you can find a breakdown of your bill. A breakdown of what you can see in your bill summary (point 4):

  • Fixed term gas: the days of the bill issued for the price of gas per day in euros are shown.
  • Gas equipment rental: If you do not have a meter on the property, the electricity bill also reflects the cost of its rental.
  • Total amount: the sum of the two previous paragraphs.
  • Normal VAT (5%): the application of the corresponding gas tax.
  • Total amount of the bill: The sum of all sections results in the total amount of the gas bill sent to you by Energía XXI.

10. Readings and consumption

This section provides a breakdown of the readings made of your meter (in m³) before your bill was issued.

Your consumption in m³ during the billing period, multiplied by the PCS factor (kWh/ m³), is also specified.

The conversion factor can be verified on the website of the Technical System Manager.

11. Notifications

Here you will find the notifications that we send you, if applicable, from Energía XXI.

12. Customer service: queries, procedures and claims, 24 hours

The Energía XXI gas bill also has a section where you will find the various channels if you need to make a query, submit a complaint, provide a reading of your meter or request emergency assistance.

On one hand, all the channels to communicate with Energía XXI:

  • Our freephone telephone numbers for customer service, emergencies and complaints.
  • Our postal address and our website address.
  • Our email.

In addition, under these channels, you can obtain more information about energy efficiency measures and our affiliation to the Consumer Arbitration System.