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Energía XXI electricity bill

We explain all aspects of your electricity bill so you know its different sections and costs.

Changes in 2021 to your Energía XXI bill

If you are already familiar with the Energía XXI bill, we will briefly explain what changes have occurred since June 2021.

In addition to some aesthetic and layout changes, the information is fundamentally the same, but more detailed.

You will get a circular with your next bill with the new rates on the regulated market electricity bills. The itemisation of your bill (point 9) shows you how these regulated costs now apply to both the term 'power' and 'energy'.

How to understand your regulated market electricity bill

Your regulated market electricity bill has the following sections.

page 1 of the Energy XXI bill, explained below

1. Company label

All information regarding your regulated market supply company: the Energía XXI logo, the corporate name, the Tax ID No. and our registered office.

2. Data from your Energía XXI electricity bill

Here, in addition to the total amount to be paid, you will see the identification details of this bill. This data is necessary if you want to ask any questions about it:

  • Bill amount: The total in euros.
  • Bill number: Tax identification number.
  • Consumption period: This is the time interval to which this bill refers.
  • Charge date/payment deadline: If you have a direct debit set up, this is the date that the payment will come out of your account. If you don't have your electricity bill set up on a direct debit, this is the deadline by which you have to make the payment.

If you have any queries about how to pay it, please take a look at all the information on how to pay your bill in Energía XXI.

3. PVPC bill summary

In this section you will find an overview of the various costs that the regulated market electricity bill is divided into. They are also all broken down on the back of the bill:

  • By contracted power: the cost for the power (kW) you have contracted.
  • By energy consumed: the amount you pay for the amount of electricity you've consumed during the billing period.
  • Electricity tax: this is a tax imposed on electricity and whose value is regulated by the government.
  • Meter rental: Reflects the cost of the meter rent that communicates how many kWh you consume every hour of each day.
  • Tax applied (xx %): this shows the corresponding tax (VAT, IGIC or IPSI depending on where the home or business to which the bill relates is located in Spain).
  • Total amount of the bill: this is the sum of all the previous amounts.

4. Customer name and address

Shows the personal information (name and address) of the contract holder for whom the bill is issued.

5. Information about the contract in effect

This section shows the information about your with Energía XXI:

  • Holder, Tax ID No. and supply address: the contract holder's information, as well as the address of the point of supply. If any of the information is not correct, you can contact the Energía XXI Customer Service.

  • Unified point of supply code or CUPS: the unique code that identifies your point of supply. All homes and businesses have a CUPS that identifies them and never changes (even if their landlords and/or tenants do).

  • Type of contract: the contract model. In most cases it is PVPC (Voluntary Price for Small Consumers) of the Regulated Market.

    If you are assigned the Social Bonus, it will show the PVPC with Social Bonus and the discount %. At the end of this article you will find everything that changes in your Energía XXI electricity bill if you have been granted the Social Bonus.

  • Transport and distribution fee: the regulated costs for accessing the electricity grid. Under the name 2.0 TD, it indicates the type of fee that applies to your electricity bill. This amount is intended to pay what it costs to get the electricity to your home.

  • Charge segment: The segment where your supply type is located for other regulated charges (other than fees). In the case of power <15kW, the segment of charges that corresponds to you is 1. These charges are used, for example, to pay for energy production in non-peninsular territories, for waste treatment, for the deficit accumulated by the electricity system, etc.

  • Power contracted at peak-time: The maximum power (in kW) that your home/business will be able to supply to your appliances at the same time during peak hours.

  • Power contracted in off-peak times: The maximum power (in kW) that your home/business will be able to supply to your appliances at the same time during off-peak hours. It may be the same as at peak times, but you are free to request this be changed so that you have more power during the hours when it will be cheaper.

  • Supply contract reference (Energía XXI):   the reference number of the contract you have with us as a regulated market electricity company.

  • Access contract reference (distributor company name): The distribution company is the company that transports electricity to the point of supply (to your home or business). They are divided by territories within Spain and it is different from the company that sells you the electricity. You can't choose your distributor, as they are assigned by territory. But you can always choose (and change) the supply company.

  • Contract end date: Indicates the term of your current contract with Energía XXI. Contracts are automatically renewed after 1 year.

  • Meter number: the reference to the meter number for your electrical installation.

6. Electricity consumption information

In this section you can see the electricity consumption made in the billing period measured in kW consumed per hour (kWh).

There is also a chart showing your electricity consumption in the last 14 months with Energía XXI.

Just below the chart is information you may find to be of interest if you want to know your consumption pattern.

  • Average daily consumption in the period of this bill (euros).
  • Average daily consumption in the last 14 months (euros).
  • Cumulative consumption in the last year, i.e. all kWh consumed per year.
  • Readings (real and estimated) in the different consumption periods: peak, standard and off-peak.

7. Destination of your bill amount

A pie chart shows what portion of the electricity bill goes to each expense.

  • Taxes.
  • Transport and distribution fees: Distributor.
  • Charges (Recore, Deficit, TNP, Others).
  • Energy.
  • Meter rental.

8. Complaints information

The electricity bill sent to you by Energía XXI also has a section in which to review the different options in case you need to file a complaint.

On the one hand, all channels to communicate with Energía XXI: customer service and complaints telephone number, postal address and website address.

You will also find the phone number corresponding to the relevant distributor according to where your point of supply is located (home or business).

Since the supply company (Energía XXI) and distributor are different companies, you will have to contact one or the other depending on the type of complaint you want to make.

Below this information, you can find the bank details corresponding to your electricity bill direct debit or the cheque if you don't have a direct debit set up.

Details of the regulated market electricity bill

In order to increase transparency, you will find all the costs of the electricity bill broken down on the back of the invoice, as well as additional and useful information.

page 2 of the Energy XXI bill, explained below

9. Breakdown of the Energía XXI bill

Here you can find information about each of the amounts on the Energía XXI bill.

Billing by contracted power in euros

Also called a fixed term, and indicates the total price and each of the costs that it comprises.

  • Amount for transport and distribution fees: It is applied in both the peak and off-peak periods and is calculated by multiplying the contracted power (kW) by the regulated price for that power (A/kW) and by the number of days of the year of the bill period.
  • Fixed sales margin: this is a fixed and regulated cost related to the sale of power.

Billing by energy consumed

Also known as a variable term, it is the part of the Energía XXI electricity bill that has to do with the amount of electricity you consumed in the invoice period. As in the previous case, you will see two different amounts on the bill:

  • Amount for transport and distribution fees: regulated costs.  They are applied in three periods throughout the day (peak, standard and off-peak). The value is obtained by multiplying the value of the fee (A/kWh) by the consumption made during that period (kWh).
  • Energy cost: cost in euros for the energy consumption during the period comprising this bill, or what is the same, the price for the amount of electricity consumed with Energía XXI.

Electricity tax

This is an excise tax imposed on electricity: It is calculated by adding 5.11269632% of the energy cost of that bill.

Meter rental

If you do not have a meter on the property, the electricity bill also reflects the cost of its rental.

Application tax

These are what as known as indirect taxes. Reduced (10%) or general (21%) VAT in Peninsula and Balearic Islands, IGIC in the Canary Islands (0% consumption for homes with a power less than or equal to 10kW, rest 3%) IPSI in Ceuta and Melilla (1%).

Total amount of the bill

The sum of all sections results in the total amount of the electricity bill sent to you by Energía XXI.

10. Consumer information

Information about the type of contract and about the different discounts or surcharges. For example, the application of the Social Bonus or, on the contrary, surcharges for not being entitled to the PVPC.

This section of your Energía XXI bill contains a link and QR code to access the CNMC’s energy offerings comparison tool.

11. Origin and environmental impact of the electricity consumed

In this section you will find how the type of electricity you consume is labelled, as well as its origin and the impact on the environment.

Electricity bills with Energía XXI are increasingly more complete and detailed

We continue our commitment to transparency so you can learn about all the details of your Energy XXI electricity bill.

If you also want to check your bill from anywhere, sign up for the digital invoice or information about the Energy XXI app.

Regulated market electricity bill with Social Bonus

If you have been assigned the Social Bonus, your Energía XXI electricity bill will show that you are a beneficiary and the percentage of discount to which you are entitled.

Summary of the bill with social bonus in the regulated market

The information in this section is the same as for the standard PVPC bill, but with the difference that the social bonus discount is included.

Information about the contract with social bonus with Energía XXI

Similarly, in the contract information and the contract type section, you will see PVPC with Social Bonus and the discount % applied.

Breakdown of the bill for beneficiaries of the social bonus

On the back of the bill, where all the expenses are broken down, you will see the calculation of the social bonus discount applied in the billing period.

Information about electricity consumption with social bonus

If you are a social bonus customer, you will also see the consumption with and without the discount in theelectricity consumption information section of your Energía XXI bill.

Regulated market electricity bill for self-consumption

Some customers also have solar panels for self-consumption and whose surplus energy is introduced into the general electricity grid. In this case, they receive compensation for that surplus energy which is reflected in their regulated market electricity bill.

The compensation for surpluses (euros to be returned) is shown in both the bill summary and in the breakdown on the back.

In addition, the section with information about your electricity consumption indicates the offset surplus energy.

PVPC Energía XXI bills with surcharge

This is a very particular case but it should be clarified. If you do not qualify for the PVPC, but you don't currently have a contract in the free market, a surcharge will be applied to your Energía XXI electricity bill.

This 20% surcharge is reflected in both the bill summary and the breakdown on the back.

It will also be clarified at all times that the type of contract being applied to you is the Small Consumer Voluntary Price contract (PVPC) with a surcharge of 20%.

Billing for excess power in Energía XXI

Most homes and businesses attached to the regulated market cannot use more power than they have contracted. If, at any point, you have more electrical appliances than the maximum contracted power allows, the power control switch (formerly known as the "trip switch") will trip and you will not have any electricity until you flip it back again.

However, some people have a maximeter (this is an unusual situation with domestic customers). In this case, you could exceed the maximum contracted power, at a certain time, without the switch tripping, but assuming an additional cost.

In this situation you will see that cost for excess power in both the summary of your Energía XXI electricity bill and in the billing for excess power.