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Endesa - Electricity, Gas, People

Energía XXI, benchmark producer representative

In recent years, the production of electrical energy from renewable sources, cogeneration and waste has been heavily promoted. There is a triple objective being pursued:

  • Contribute to improving the environment.
  • Promote the technological development associated with these clean energies.
  • Guarantee the energy supply.

To support these objectives, successive regulations have granted financial incentives for these facilities. The regulation currently in force is Royal Decree 413/2014, 6 June, which regulates electricity production from renewable energy sources, cogeneration and waste.

Energía XXI works within the framework of these regulations and its role is to represent the facilities that have chosen not to be represented by another agent. Specifically, Energía XXI represents them in dealings with:

  • the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).
  • the Market Operator (OMEL).
  • Red Eléctrica de España (REE).

As an authorised market agent, it brings renewable energy from these facilities to the OMEL market and makes payments to producers with the amounts received from REE and CNMC.

Energía XXI has a web page to manage these production facilities:

On this page it is possible to perform the following procedures:

  • Access or rectify the inventory information for your facility.
  • Consult personal data, as well as rectify or modify them.Consult, validate, download or make a complaint regarding (in case of discrepancy) invoices calculated according to the data published by CNMC and REE.Consultar, validar, descargar o reclamar (en caso de discrepancia) facturas calculadas según los datos publicados por CNMC y REE.
  • Consult the measures published for your facility, for each month and for the successive revisions. 
  • Make enquiries, suggestions or complaints regarding the facilities.
  • Provide requested documentation.
  • Provide support and traceability to manage the producers with Energy XXI as a reference marketer.

For these or other issues you can contact Energía XXI through the following channels: