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Consumer arbitration system

Energía XXI is a member of the Consumer Arbitration System through the National Arbitration Board and the Arbitration Boards of the Autonomous Communities.

What is the Consumer Arbitration System?

The Consumer Arbitration System is a public service to resolve conflicts between consumers and companies voluntarily, free of charge, and quickly, without having to go to ordinary courts.

What claims can be resolved through the Consumer Arbitration System?

Claims from domestic consumers presented by the contract holder, as long as:

  • They are related to the contract, invoicing, payment collection and/or service received from the supplier company.
  • The claim was previously submitted to Energía XXI's Customer Service and no response was received within 1 month (or in the event of receiving a response which did not meet the customer's expectations).

The following may not be subject to the Consumer Arbitration System:

  • Matters that depend on the distributor company: reading meters, extending the grid/granting access, inspection, supply quality (including its continuity or interruption) and possible damages caused by incidents in the electrical grid.
  • Aspects of the application of State and Regional regulations on energy poverty, the social rate and its management.
  • Matters arising from network fraud (including metering equipment), such as manual or electronic interventions or any kind of interventions carried out in order to disrupt proper supply.
  • Matters for which there is already a firm and definitive court decision.
  • The matters in which, as per the valid legislation, the Public Prosecutor must act.

How does the arbitration system work?

If your claim qualifies for the Arbitration System, you can submit an application to your Autonomous Community's Consumer Arbitration Board, the National Consumer Arbitration Board or through a Consumer Association.

The arbitration process includes a mediation phase to try to resolve claims and come to an agreement without involving any arbitrators. Mediation is conducted in accordance with the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality.

If no agreement is reached, the arbitration proceedings start. The parties must submit all available documentation, responses, statements and evidence. The arbitrator may also request any evidence that it deems necessary and the parties have the option to modify or extend the request and the response. In general, arbitration is conducted remotely and electronically (although, depending on the complexity of the case, in-person arbitration may be performed).

The proceedings end with an arbitration award that decides on how to resolve the claim as a court ruling. If a prior agreement is reached, this is also included in a conciliation decision that has the same validity as the arbitration award.

If you wish, you can request arbitration for your claim through the following Arbitration Boards to which Energía XXI belongs:

In addition, in accordance with European law, you are informed that the European Commission's online dispute review platform is also available, which is accessible at this link.