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How to change the holder of an Energía XXI contract?

Changing the holder of an electricity or gas contract is a simple and fast procedure, as well as being totally free.


To change the name of the holder of a contract there are two possibilities:

  • Make a transfer, that is, both the holder and the tariff are changed.
  • Make a replacement, the holder is changed but the tariff is maintained.

In both cases, it will be the new holder who needs to sign a contract to make the change, either a transfer or a replacement.

What do I need to know to change the name of the contract holder?

If you are planning to change your address or place of work it is important that the electricity or gas contract is in the name of the person who will consume the energy.

The steps you need to follow are simple:

  • 1. The change must be requested by the new holder since they will become responsible for the bills.
  • 2. The first bill that arrives will be calculated on a pro rata basis, that is, you will only pay for the days that correspond to you. So you can make the change at any time.
  • 3. The change of contract holder is a free procedure. Although in some cases, your distributor may decide to send a technician to check the installation. It may also be the case that your installation certificate is out of date, so you will have to provide one that has been updated.

This change is made as long as the house or premises already has a previous electricity or gas supply. If, on the other hand, the service has been disconnected you must apply for reconnection. Unlike a change of contract holder, connection is not a free process, so it is advisable not to disconnect the supply if the home or premises are not going to be empty for a long period.

When is it necessary to change the contract holder?

It is important that the holder corresponds to the person who consumes the energy, since this person will be responsible for the bills and the different procedures that must be carried out, as well as any non-payments.

The most common reasons for carrying out this procedure are:

  • Change of holder due to rental or sale of a property.
  • Change of holder due to death.
  • Change of holder due to divorce.

Change of holder due to rental or sale of a property

A change of holder due to rental of a home is a highly recommended procedure and this is mandatory if it is because the property is being sold. What is correct is that it should be the holder of the contract who actually uses the energy, who makes the consumption, regardless of whether he/she owns the property or rents it. The new tenant or owner will be responsible for contacting the company and should provide the rental contract or the deeds of the house if necessary.

Change of holder due to death

In this case we are talking about the replacement of a contract, that is, changing the name of the owner and maintaining the tariff. But we will always have the option of making a transfer, changing both the name of the owner and the tariff.

In this case, the new holder assumes the rights and obligations of the previous one. To make this change, a death certificate will be requested.

Change of holder due to divorce

If a couple separates and the holder of the supplies leaves the residence, the person who continues to live in the home must assume responsibility for the supplies by changing the contract holder.

How to change the holder of an electricity and/or gas contract

To change the holder of your contract, you should call our freephone number (+34 800 76 03 33) and provide the following information:

  • Details of the new contract holder: name, surname, ID and telephone.
  • Details of the former contract holder: name, surname and ID.
  • CUPS (Universal Supply Point Code) or the full address.
  • Copy of the deed of the house or the rental agreement (when necessary).
  • Direct debit number.

How to consult and modify the data for the holder

You can consult the data for the holder and make other changes (change the telephone number, modify the e-mail address, etc.) by going to our Client Area. The steps to follow are detailed below:

1. Log in to your Customer Area:

2. Go to the "My Profile" section.

3. Under "Holder's data" you can change the telephone number and the language.

4. In the "Contact details" section you can change your contact address and postal details.

5. In "Bank accounts and direct" you can add or delete bank accounts and amend your direct debit details.

6. You can check if your data has been updated correctly in the "My Contracts" section. The change of contract holder comes into effect around seven days after the start of the process.