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Subsidised Rate for self-employed people affected by COVID-19

Due to the state of alarm decreed as a result of COVID-19, extraordinary measures have been established that affect the Bono Social subsidised rate.

The general requirements for requesting the subsidised rate are maintained, but exceptionally, and while the state of alarm lasts, the possibility of applying for it is extended to:

  • Self-employed people who can demonstrate they are entitled to the benefit due to the complete cessation of their activity, or because they have seen their turnover reduced by at least 75% as a consequence of COVID-19.

What is the Social Rate?

The Social Rate offers a significant discount on your electricity bill. For those customers considered vulnerable, the amount of the discount will be 25%.

Who can benefit from the subsidised rate during the COVID-19 state of alarm?

In addition to the usual requirements for applying for the Social Rate (discounted rate), RDL 11/2020 of 31 March establishes that those who meet all the following conditions will be considered vulnerable consumers in their habitual residence:

  • The owner of the supply point (or any of the members of their family unit) are professionals who work for themselves or are self-employed.
  • They are entitled to the benefit due to the complete cessation of their professional activity, because their turnover has been reduced by at least 75%.
  • The reduction in billing is calculated by comparing the turnover for the month prior to the Social Rate application with the average turnover in the previous six-month period.
  • All this must be demonstrated for the period starting after 14 March 2020.

In order to receive the status of vulnerable consumer, it will be a necessary condition that the annual income of the supply point owner (or the joint annual income, if the owner is part of a family unit) is equal to or less than:

  • 2.5 times the IPREM (€18,798.90) if not part of a family unit.
  • 3 times the IPREM (€22,558.70) if there is a minor in the family unit.
  • 3.5 times the IPREM (€26,318.70) if there are two minors in the family unit.

How long will these measures last?

Those people who meet the requirements detailed above, and prove to be in a situation where their activity has ceased or their invoicing is reduced, will be considered vulnerable customers:

  • Until they resume their work activity.
  • For a maximum period of 6 months from 2 April 2020 (that is, until 2 October 2020).

Both before and after this deadline is met and regardless of these exceptional measures, all these people may request the subsidised rate under normal conditions if they meet the usual requirements.

How to apply for the Social Rate

1. Gather the necessary documentation

In the following figure you can see the documents required for each circumstance:


What documentation do I need to have

Where to find the documentation
    • Documentation
    • Vulnerable / Severely vulnerable consumer
    • Where can you obtain the documentation
    • Photocopy of the NIF or NIE of the holder and all members of the family unit (including those above the age of 14 capable of working and those younger than 14 who have one).
    • Es obligatorio presentar este documento en todos los casos
    • In the event the holder forms part of a family unit, the family register or certification of the individual sheet of the Civil Registry for each one of the members of the family unit. In the event of not forming part of a family unit, the individual sheet of the Civil Register or any document issued by the competent authority that accredits the civil status of the applicant.
    • Es obligatorio presentar este documento en todos los casos
      • Civil Registry
      • Competent authority
    • Valid (non expired) City registration, individual or group, of the holder and all members of the family unit.
    • Es obligatorio presentar este documento en todos los casos
      • Offices of Citizen Services
      • Town Councils
    • Certificate proving the right to receive the benefit for cessation of professional activity or a reduction of 75% of turnover.
    • Es obligatorio presentar este documento en todos los casos
  • Changing the title holder: it is necessary that the person requesting the subsidised rate be the title holder of the supply point. If you are not, we recommend that you send us this authorisation to be able to change the title holder.
  • For supplies located in Navarra it will be necessary to also provide the Income Statement or certificate of imputations for each of the members of the family unit. In these communities, large families should only provide this documentation in the case of applications to be severely vulnerable.

2. How to accredit status as a self-employed person affected by COVID-19

  • Accrediting document (from the mutual insurance company, a sworn statement, etc.) of the total cessation of professional activity or a decrease in turnover of at least 75% during the month prior to requesting the rate discount, and proof of payment of the latest social security contribution (cuota de autónomo) (as of March 2020).
  • Certificate issued by the State Agency for Tax Administration or the competent body of the Autonomous Community on the basis of the declaration of cessation of activity declared by the interested party.

3. Fill in the form and send it along with the documentation

Download the form at this link and send it to us attaching the necessary documentation to this email: